Redefining Industry Standards

A Simple & Sustainable Subtitle D Closure Method

SolarTurf™ is a unique, all-in-one solution that offers the exclusive opportunity for mounting ballasted solar arrays on top of ClosureTurf®, the industry's leading landfill closure technology. ClosureTurf® solves the routine risks and obstacles presented by traditional closure methods by reducing slope instabilities, eliminating soil borrow, improving runoff water quality, dramatically decreasing post-closure maintenance and costs, and providing the ideal platform for solar arrays.

Eliminates 99.9% of sediment runoff
Closure lifespan expands beyond 30 year maintenance period
Reduces closure construction carbon footprint by up to 75%
GTRI wind tunnel tested up to 120 mph
Tested at storm intensities of over 6 inches per hour

The Ideal Foundation for Solar Array Construction

ClosureTurf® is a patented, three component system comprised of a structured geomembrane, an engineered turf, and a specialized sand infill. The foundation of the system is an impermeable, highly transmissive structured geomembrane. It provides for the highest interface friction values available in the market and supports light rubber tire traffic. This feature provides unmatched convenience for landfill operations and ballasted solar array construction and hosting. ClosureTurf®ʼs unique cover system enables solar panels to operate in a clean environment free of dust, grass clippings and potential damage from lawn mowing equipment for the highest possible efficiency.

ClosureTurf® is an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing engineered turf final cover system designed for performance well beyond the post-closure maintenance period. Over a period of several years and after many trials under extreme conditions, we developed the optimal technology found in ClosureTurf®. It has been extensively tested in independent laboratories and real-world applications for performance and durability. The system is engineered to exceed EPA’s Subtitle D cover system requirements. Also, it eliminates the challenges and common failure modes of traditional vegetative cover systems such as erosion and drainage control, veneer slope stability, and post-closure maintenance.

ClosureTurf® is manufactured in partnership with:


Management Benefits & Cost Savings

  • Rapid, low-impact, cost-effective construction.
  • Incremental closure lowers leachate production and controls gas collection sooner.
  • No regular maintenance like irrigation, fertilizing, seeding or mowing.
  • Significantly lowers upfront and repair costs.
  • Durable system construction designed to safely convey internal gas pressures, reduce unwanted releases and avoid slope stability issues.

Solar Development

  • Productive use – financially and environmentally – of wasted land resource
  • Zero vegetative maintenance and soiling from clippings and dust – increases durability and efficiency, reduces risk of damage.
  • Provides superior access and support for maintenance equipment.
  • Significantly less site prep required and reduced risk of washout.


  • Prevents common erosion, storm water and siltation problems—even during severe weather events.
  • Utilizes the highest interface friction geomembrane available in the market which provides greater stability on steeper grades and reduces the need to rebuild slopes.
  • The lifespan of the ClosureTurf system extends well beyond the required 30 year post closure maintenance period. It protects against driving forces, severe weather conditions, heat and wind uplift.