Hartford Landfill

Hartford Landfill
Hartford, Connecticut
Project Description
Project Scope
The vision that the owner had for the Hartford Landfill was one where they would be able support the initiatives to promote renewable energy that were consistent with both the CTDEEP and the City of Hartford, CT. ClosureTurf enabled them to do just that, by providing for the best closure technology available and is capable of incorporating traditional rigid or flexible solar photovoltaic panels.

ClosureTurf was selected for use by the owner for the following reasons: ClosureTurf’s geomembrane component had a proven track record in landfill closure applications, the engineered turf with sand infill was durable and strong protecting the underlying geomembrane from ultraviolet degradation while also enabling the system to be driven across by light rubber tire vehicles without damaging the SGN required for normal solar field operations. As the best long-term solution for Hartford, ClosureTurf also provided for an aesthetically-pleasing environment in a high-profile area.
Project Details
ClientConnecticut Resources Recovery Authority