SolarTurf featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

During this segment, Kathy Ireland interviews Greg Lucini, CEO of ISM Solar Solutions, and Mike Ayers, CEO of Watershed Geo, to learn about their exclusive joint venture and the benefits of SolarTurf™. A virtually maintenance free technology designed to last, SolarTurf™ has proven to be the most sustainable closure option, providing unmatched economic and environmental advantages for waste closure sites.



Reclaiming degraded land and protecting existing habitat.



Redefining industry standards for landfill closure solutions.



Dramatically improving landfill stormwater runoff quality.



Uniting diverse stakeholders to develop utility-scale renewable energy.

1. Utility-scale clean energy

The SolarTurf™ system creates a practical, profitable, and sustainable post-closure benefit by generating utility-scale, renewable energy. The engineered turf provides an excellent surface for ballasted solar array installation and easy access for regular maintenance.

2. Land preservation

Often utility-scale solar development requires clear-cutting and grading of viable habitat and farmland. The SolarTurf™ system reduces the negative environmental impacts of land transformation by re-purposing degraded land.

3. Eliminates borrow soil

Unlike traditional closure methods, the SolarTurf™ system does not require the use of borrow soil, an environmentally wasteful solution. Borrow soil destroys viable habitat at its original location and generates significant carbon emissions due to transportation requirements.

4. Superior gas containment

One unique benefit of the SolarTurf™ system is superior greenhouse gas management. The structured geomembrane component reduces oxygen in the system, which results in higher quality methane being vented for flaring or alternative energy generation.


SolarTurf™ provides redevelopment opportunities for decomissioned mines by combining solar energy development with the industry's leading closure technology.


SolarTurf™ is designed to reduce common concerns with coal combustion residual impoundments and landfills, including catastrophic failure and groundwater contamination.


SolarTurf™ eliminates many of the routine maintenance issues associated with traditional vegetative covers.

Municipal Solid Waste

SolarTurf™ is an effective brownfield revitalization and remediation solution that reclaims degraded land for sustainable energy production.

Industrial Waste